Canagan Pet Food

Canagan Dog Food is grain & gluten-free and made using only the highest quality ingredients to an exact recipe for optimum pet health. Canagan also make premium quality cat food.

Canagan Pet Food provides your canine and feline companions with a host of biologically appropriate nutrients - in an ideal ratio of animal protein to vegetable, plus benefical botanicals.

Each ingredient is specially selected to deliver optimum nutrition, digestibility and flavour. The recipes have been developed to help eliminate the negative issues often associated with high carbohydrate, grain packed diets.

Canagan Dog Food

There is a variety of Canagan Dog Food suitable for puppies, young dogs, working dogs, large breed, aged or overweight dogs.

All varieties of Canagan, whether dry or wet food, share the same grain free, high-meat content formula designed to match your dog's natural, ancestral diet as closely as possible.

Many canine skin and digestive problems have been linked to diets that are high in grains. Simply switching to a high meat protein, grain free dog food like Canagan can result in a huge improvement in your dog's well-being.

Canagan Cat Food

Cats, like dogs, are also carnivores by nature and lack the enzymes required to successfully break down carbohydrates. They benefit from a diet rich in meat or fish that more closely resembles the diet of their ancestors.

Canagan Cat Food is available in a range of flavours in both dry and tinned wet food.

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