Grange Fencing Ltd

Established in 1868, Grange Fencing have over 140 years of experience and an established reputation for quality and excellence in the garden fencing industry.

Grange Fencing Ltd has a policy to protect the environment wherever they operate or source materials and therefore use only the highest quality, sustainably sourced timber available to make their range of garden products. Great care is taken to select the most suitable and environmentally acceptable timber for all products.

Grange are pledged to purchase an increasing proportion of timber from forests environmentally well managed according to the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Standards. Furthermore, in 2004 all pressure treatment processes were changed to arsenic-free and in 2006 Grange switched to Wolman CX8 preservative.

Grange Fencing Ltd: Items for Sale

Grange Lap Panels
Price from: £17.95
Gawsworth Fence Panel
Price: £37.95
Grange Urban Garden Screen
Price from: £48.00
Romana Arbour
Price: £179.95
Montebello Arbour
Price: £199.95
Valencia Arbour
Price: £199.95
Livorno Arbour
Price: £319.95
Valencia Corner Arbour
Price: £419.99
Bow Top Arch
Price: £115.99
Elite Garden Arch
Price: £137.99
Urban Garden Arch
Price: £152.99
Valencia Arch
Price: £155.95
Elite Portico Arch
Price: £172.95
Elite Granville Arch
Price: £199.99
Contemporary Arch
Price: £299.99
Flower Circle
Price: £411.99

Garden Obelisks & Plant Supports

View Full Range of Garden Obelisks & Plant Supports

Trellis Obelisk
Price: £16.95
Cold Frame
Price: £40.95
Budleigh Gazebo: Option C
Price: £1,287.00
Regis Gazebo - Open Sided
Price: £1,395.00
Budleigh Gazebo: Option A
Price: £1,437.00
Budleigh Gazebo: Option B
Price: £1,546.00
Regis Gazebo: Option C
Price: £1,735.00
Regis Gazebo: Option A
Price: £1,995.00
Regis Gazebo: Option B
Price: £2,218.00

Ground Anchors & Fencing Accessories

View Full Range of Ground Anchors & Fencing Accessories

Tulip Palisade Gate
Price: £19.99
Elite Palisade Gate
Price: £25.99
Gawsworth Gate
Price: £35.00
Grange Lap Gate
Price from: £42.00
Pale Infill Gate
Price: £43.99
Solid Infil Gate
Price: £43.99
Closeboard Gate
Price: £49.95
Grange Elite St Meloir Gates
Price from: £59.99
Tall Pale Gate
Price: £56.99
Ultimate Lap Gate
Price: £57.99
Elite Chevron Gate
Price: £72.95
Elite St Esprit Gate
Price: £74.99
Elite St Lunairs Gate
Price: £84.99
Arch Gate
Price: £90.00
Grange Fortress Driveway Gates
Price from: £169.95
Elite Square Planter
Price: £27.95
Herb Wheel Planter
Price: £31.95
Bella Rosa Planter
Price: £35.00
Elite Tapered Planter
Price: £42.95
Corner Planter
Price: £45.00
Step Planter
Price: £47.95
Rosa Planter
Price: £49.95
Urban Screen Planter
Price: £77.95
Table Trough
Price: £80.05

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