Vitax Horticultural Products

Helping experienced, enthusiastic & knowledgeable gardeners enjoy their gardens more.

Gardening is both challenging and extremely rewarding, whether you are just starting out with your first garden or have years of experieince. The changing seasons and UK climate can throw all sorts of different conditions at you to deal with. The Vitax range of composts, fertilisers, aggregates and control products have all been developed to help you enjoy a productive and fulfulling gardening experience.

Brand names such as Q4, Nippon, Py, SBK and 6x® are all part of the Vitax family of high quality gardening products and we stock almost all of the range here at Shawbury Garden Centre. Please check our website for current availability or contact us with any product equiries and well will endevour to help.

Vitax Horticultural Products: Items for Sale

Landscape Fabrics and Geotextiles

View Full Range of Landscape Fabrics and Geotextiles

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