Shawbury Garden Centre

Garden Compost

A comprehensive range of high quality composts and growing media from Clover & Westland suitable for seed sowing, planting and soil improvement.

Our range of composts includes specialist blends such as peat-free, organic, seed & cutting, John Innes, ericaceous as well as multi-purpose blends.

Westland Potting Grit (20kg)
Price: £4.99
£4.99 or 3 for £12
Westland Rose Planting & Potting Mix (60 litre)
Price: £7.99
RTS 2 Bags for £12
Westland Horticultural Sand (20kg)
Price: £4.99
£4.99 or 3 for £12
Desert Mix (2.5L)
Price: £4.99
Fine Lava Rock (2.5L)
Price: £4.99
Coarse Sand (2.5L)
Price: £2.99
Price: £3.99

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