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Westland Cacti Compost

Size: 10 litre bag

A gritty, porous mixture with good drainage and added nutrients - a perfect growing medium for Cacti & Succulents.


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Product Information

Cactus plants and succulents are unique plants - retaining moisture over long periods, they do not need a great deal of watering, therefore it is important that a free draining compost is used.

When Cacti & Succulents are grown in pots and containers, root growth is limited, therefore Westland have developed a balanced compost mix to compensate for this, providing all of the nutrients needed within the space available.

Westland Cacti Compost - Key Details

  • Contains nutrients, trace elements and organic matter, essential for strong healthy cacti & succulent growth
  • Added grit & sand for effective drainage
  • Suitable for sowing seeds, potting on and re-potting 

Bag Size

  • 10 litres
Feeding & Aftercare

Westland Cacti Compost will supply your plants with all the nutrients they need for the first 4-6 weeks. After that, feed them at two-three week intervals during the growing season with Westland Cactus Plant Food Liquid Concentrate.

Brand Information

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