Picture of Westland John Innes Seed Sowing Compost

Westland John Innes Seed Sowing Compost

Size: 30 litre bag

A loam based compost specifically for seed germination and establishment.


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Product Information

This compost has an open structure with great moisture retention to kick start the germination process. It is also light and fibrous making it the perfect environment to encourage roots to spread to all parts of the pot.

John Innes Seed Sowing Compost has a balanced nutrient supply with added plant extracts to encourage germination and provide food for the seedlings in the first two to three weeks of growth until they are ready for pricking out. The neutral pH of this seed compost ensures that nutrients are freely available to the newly emerged seedlings.

John Innes Seed Sowing Compost - Key Details

  • Fine open texture with added plant extracts to stimulate germination
  • Good water retention and easy to re-wet
  • Balanced supply of nutrients for seedlings
  • Light, fibrous composition to encourage healthy root growth
  • Pack size: 30 litres

Brand Information

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