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Picture of Vitax 2 in 1 Organic Plant Invigorator

Vitax 2 in 1 Organic Plant Invigorator

Size: 750ml

Cleans and strengthens plants enabling them to withstand stress from pest and disease attack.


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Product Information

A blend of natural oils and emulsifiers with added seaweed.

Vitax Organic Plant Invigorator: Key Details

  • Use as a Spring and Summer spray to remove insect debris, dust, dirt and the accumulation of other substances that insects use to secure their eggs on plants
  • Spraying will help  remove the accumulation of contaminants from the leaf surface, facilitating maximum light exposure for photosynthesis
  • The seaweed extract stimulates plant growth, naturally strengthening the plant's ability to withstand stress and disease attack 

Pack Size

  • 750ml ready to use spray applicator

Brand Information

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