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Picture of Vitax Scent Off Gel Animal Repellent

Vitax Scent Off Gel Animal Repellent

Size: 225g

Deters cats and dogs fouling on lawns and other areas.


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Product Information

Vitax Scatter Gel works because cats and dogs are very sensitive to smells. A dog recognises a 'fouling area' by the traces of smells from previous animal visits.

Scent Off Gel releases a strong highly perfumed odour over a period of days to confuse the dog's sense of smell and encourage it move to other untreated areas.

Cats are even more sensitive to strange odours and can also be persuaded to move away.

Vitax Scent Off Gel: Key Details

  • Contains citronella, eucalyptus and pine oils
  • Discourages animals from fouling on treated areas


  • 225g

Brand Information

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