Picture of Westland Gro-Sure Multi-Purpose Lawn Seed

Westland Gro-Sure Multi-Purpose Lawn Seed

A quality blend of grass seed with a unique coating to optimise germination & establishment.

Product Information

Westland Gro-Sure Multi-Purpose Lawn Seed can be sown from March to October - ideally sow during March to May or September to October.

Westland Gro-Sure Multi-Purpose Lawn Seed

  • Unique seed coating - excellent bird deterrent
  • Organic compounds attract and retain moisture around the seed
  • Micro nutrients for strong healthy rooting and rapid establishment
  • Larger, heavier seed gets right down to soil surface for improved germination
  • Includes plant hormones to stimulate growth
  • 4-5 days before sowing, lightly rake in some Growmore Fertiliser to help establishment 
  • Seed can be spread directly from the box with the easy to use applicator

Individual Product Data

Gro-Sure Multi-Purpose Lawn Seed 150g - 5m² coverage

  • Our Ref: SGC-15389
  • EAN: 5023377000492
  • Maker‘s Product Ref: 20500170
  • 27 in stock (Available Now)

Gro-Sure Multi-Purpose Lawn Seed 3.6kg - 120m² coverage

  • Our Ref: SGC-12351
  • EAN: 5023377854552
  • Maker‘s Product Ref: 20500174
  • Out of Stock

Gro-Sure Multi-Purpose Lawn Seed 9kg - 300m² coverage

  • Our Ref: SGC-9600
  • EAN: 5023377856945
  • Maker‘s Product Ref: 20500193
  • 5 in stock (Available Now).

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