Picture of Westland Gro-Sure® Rose & Shrub 6 Month Feed

Westland Gro-Sure® Rose & Shrub 6 Month Feed

Size: 1.1kg

Guaranteed better blooms, greener leaves and healthier roots.


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Product Information

Gro-Sure Rose & Shrub contains an Instant Boost Fertiliser and Slow Release Plant Food.

Fast acting nutrients giving roses and shrubs a great start + slow release nutrients for 6 months feeding. Ideal for all types of roses in open ground or containers.

Gro-Sure® Rose & Shrub

  • Can be mixed with compost prior to planting or used as a top dressing in containers or open ground plants
  • One handful of granules is about 40g
  • Water in to activate granules
  • Only one application per year will be necessary
  • NPK 13-7-18.5 compound fertiliser with micronutrients

Brand Information

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