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New Horizon All-Round Fertiliser

Size: 5kg bucket

Natural & organic for stronger, healthier plants.


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Product Information

A rich, concentrated source of organic nutrients, suitable for use all around the garden and allotment.

New Horizon® Natural & Organic All-Round Fertiliser

  • Handy, resealable bucket-style tub
  • Contains key nutrients and trace elements
  • Handy tip - one handful of granules weighs about 25g
  • 5kg

Use - before planting:

  • Incorporating All-Round Fertilser into your garden soil before planting is a great way to improve nutrient content and crop yields
  • Apply 150g/m² for general soil improvement and before planting flowers, vegetables, roses, shrubs, garden borders, trees and lawns
  • Mix the product into the soil evenly and then water in to activate
  • For crops that will benefit from a higher intake of nutrients such as potatoes, dig in 200g/m²

Use - for established plants:

  • Apply 75g/m² thinly and evenly to the soil surface around the plants you want to feed
  • Lightly incorporate into the soil surface and then water in to activate
  • Apply a repeat treatment after6-8 weeks

Use - for lawn feeding:

  • Apply 75g/m² thinly and evenly over the whole of the lawn
  • Water in to activate
  • Repeat treatments every 6-8 weeks throughout the growing season to keep lawns looking lush, green and healthy

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