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Vitax Copper Mixture

Size: 175g

A blend of 3 vital trace elements for beets, onions, fruits, potatoes, brassicas, carrots & celery crops.


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Product Information

Vitax Copper Mixture is being used by many growers as a Bordeaux Mix alternative.

Copper Mixture is a blend of 3 vital trace elements for use on crops suffering from trace element deficiencies.

Copper deficiency can occur in beets, onions, and top fruit on peaty, sandy and shallow organic chalk soils.

Manganese deficiency occurs in many crops including potatoes, beans, peas, beets, brassicas, carrots, celery, fruits and onions in peaty soils with pH above 6.0 and mineral soils above pH 6.5. 

Zinc deficiency can also occur in fruit grown on sandy soils with high pH and phospate levels.

Vitax Copper Mixture

  • Mix with water and apply as a foliar spray ensuring good leaf coverage
  • 175g makes 9 litres of spray
  • For small areas use 30g in 1.5 litres

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