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Vitax Growmore General Purpose Garden Fertiliser

Vitax Growmore: 5kg or 10kg packs - a popular general purpose garden fertiliser, supplied in a handy plastic bucket pack.

This product is no longer available.

Product Information

Popular general garden fertiliser, suitable for use all around the garden.

Vitax Growmore: Key Details

  • Contains a balanced blend of three major plant foods
  • Promotes heavy crops of fruit and vegetables and beautiful flowers 
  • Also ideal to use as a pre-seeding fertiliser for use before laying turf or sowing grass seed

Pack Sizes

  • 5kg or 10kg 

Individual Product Data

GROWMORE General Purpose Garden Fertiliser 1.25kg

  • Our Ref: SGC-8970
  • EAN: 5012351071214
  • Maker‘s Product Ref: 6GR126
  • 3 in stock (Available Now).

GROWMORE General Purpose Garden Fertiliser 2.5kg

  • Our Ref: SGC-24946
  • EAN: 5012351072471
  • Maker‘s Product Ref: 6GR253
  • 2 in stock (Available Now).

GROWMORE General Purpose Garden Fertiliser 5kg

  • Our Ref: SGC-6796
  • EAN: 5012351072488
  • Maker‘s Product Ref: 6GR5
  • 24 in stock (Available Now)

GROWMORE General Purpose Garden Fertiliser 10kg

  • Our Ref: SGC-6797
  • EAN: 5012351078213
  • Maker‘s Product Ref: 6GR10
  • 9 in stock (Available Now).

Brand Information

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