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Vitax Growmore Liquid Fertiliser

Size: 1 litre

General purpose liquid fertiliser for strong healthy plant growth.


This product is no longer available.

Product Information

Vitax Growmore Liquid is a balanced liquid plant feed containing the three major nutrients essential for strong, healthy growth and will promote heavy crops of fruit and vegetables, vigorous plants and beautiful flowers.

Feeding a liquid fertiliser immediately makes nutrients available to plants through their root system.

VITAX Growmore Garden Fertiliser

  • Balanced multipurpose feed
  • Perfect for establishing lawns
  • Ideal for fruit and vegetables
  • NPK: 7-7-7

Pack Size

  • 1 litre concentrate - makes 300 litres
Directions for use:

Mix 1 capful in 6 litres of water. Apply using a watering can with a rose, commencing feeding in the spring. Continue to feed throughout the growing season.

In the garden: water in thoroughly around the base of growing plants.

In the greenhouse: feed generously every week ensuring plants do not dry out.

Brand Information

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