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Vitax Tomato Feed

Size: 2 litre

Vitax Tomato Feed: 2 litre concentrate (makes up to 540 litres) high potash content promotes high volume indoor or outdoor tomato crops.


This product is no longer available.

Product Information

 A high quality Liquid Tomato Feed concentrate, especially formulated for tomato crops.

Vitax Liquid Tomato Feed: Key Details

  • High potash feed to promote bumper crops
  • This high potash fertiliser has been specially developed for tomato plants, whether they are grown outdoors, indoors, under cover or in grow bags.

  • Apply from Spring right through the growing season for healthy crops of juicy tomatoes

  • Just one litre of the high-concentrate liquid fertiliser makes 60 gallons of feed.

  • Once mixed with water, it should be applied to individual plants throughout the growing season, according to pack instructions.

  • For grow bag crops, feeding should be once a week until the second truss has set, when feeding should be increased to twice weekly.

  • For outdoor crops, the feed should be applied every 14 days until the second truss has set and then increased to weekly intervals.

  • For crops grown under cover, feeding should start when the second truss has set and then at weekly intervals.
  • 2 Litres - makes up to 540 litres

Brand Information

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