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Vitax Yellow Sulphur

Size: 225g

A plant nutrient and soil acidifier - reduces susceptibility to powdery mildew and black spot in plants such as roses.

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Product Information

Vitax Yellow Sulphur is a traditional plant nutrient and soil acidifier and an important secondary nutrient for all plants.

Sulphur deficiency in plants shows as a yellowing between the leaf veins and around the margins of the youngest leaves.

If a plant is deficient in sulphur it can be susceptible to a range of diseases like powdery mildew and blackspot.

Vitax Yellow Sulphur: Key Details

  • A beneficial plant nutrient
  • Reduces susceptibility to powdery mildew and black spot 
  • Can also be used as a soil conditioner for acid loving plants such as azaleas, rhododendrons and heathers

Pack Size

  • 225g

Sulphur can be applied as a tonic, either puffed directly onto foliage or applied and worked into the the soil around the base of the plant.

Note do not use on:

  • Red or white currants
  • Certain varieties of apple, pear, gooseberry and ornamentals that are known to be sensitive to sulphur 
  • Edible produce close to harvest (may taint food or preserves) 

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Additional Information

If you would like further information about Vitax Yellow Sulphur, please contact our garden centre at Shawbury just outside Shrewsbury in Shropshire, by calling 01939 251315 or emailing.

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