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Westland Citrus Plant Food

Size: 250ml concentrate

Encourages healthy growth and fruit set.

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Product Information

Westland Citrus Plant Food contains a specially formulated mix of nutrients (including magnesium) to maintain rich, glossy foliage and to encourage fruit setting and development.

Westland Citrus Plant Food - Key Details

  • Suitable to use on young plants when actively growing every 14 days
  • Suitable to use on established plants when actively growing every 7 days
  • Suitable for a wide range of citrus plants including, oranges, lemons and limes

How to Use

  • Shake well before use
  • Measure out 10ml of concentrate using the measuring cap
  • Mix with 1 litre of tepid water
  • Apply diluted feed around the base of plants
  • Avoid wetting the foliage
  • E.C. Compound Fluid Fertiliser 4.7 - 2.4 - 7.0
  • Total Nitrogen (N): 4.7% w/w
  • Phosphorus Pentoxide P2Os (total): 2.4% w/w (1.0% P)
  • Phosphorus Pentoxide (soluble in water): 2.4% w/w (1.0% P)
  • Potassium Oxide K2O total: 3.0% w/w (7.0% K)


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Additional Information

If you would like further information about Westland Citrus Plant Food, please contact our garden centre at Shawbury just outside Shrewsbury in Shropshire, by calling 01939 251315 or emailing.

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