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Westland Indoor Plant Food

Size: 250ml concentrate

For healthy foliage and maximum flowering.


This product is no longer available.

Product Information

Westland Indoor Plant Food contains Nitrogen for healthy leaf growth & colour, along with Potassium which encourages flowering and Phosphorus to ensure good root growth.

Indoor Plant Food - How to Use:

  • Measure out 10ml of the concentrate using the measuring cap
  • Mix with 1 litre of tepid water
  • Apply diluted feed around the base of plants
  • Avoid wetting the foliage

Recommended Application Frequency:

  • Young plants: when actively growing - every 14-28 days
  • Established plants: when actively growing - every 7-14 days
  • Total Nitrogen (N): 5.0% w/w
  • Phosphorus Pentoxide (P2Os) total: 2.5%  w/w (1.0% P)
  • Phosphorus Pentoxide (P2Os) soluble in water: 2.5% w/w (1.0% P)
  • Potassium Oxide (K2O) total: 7.0% w/w (5.8% K)

Brand Information

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