Picture of Westland Rose Food Enriched with Horse Manure

Westland Rose Food Enriched with Horse Manure

Size: 1kg

Westland Rose Food: 1kg enriched with horse manure - bigger blooms guaranteed, helps prevent disease & conditions soil.


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Product Information

Fertiliser formulated especially for new or established rose plants.

Westland Rose Food Enriched with Horse Manure: Key Details

  • Horse manure / organic matter helps improve soil structure and reduces compaction
  • Improves soil's ability to hold onto nutrients and moisture
  • Beneficial organisms and friendly bacteria thrive
  • Roses produce bigger, better quality blooms
  • Contains essential trace elements and nutrients to keep roses healthy and strong
  • Soil is improved and enriched
  • Compound fertiliser: 4-3.5-7
  • Nitrogen (N) Total: 4%
  • Phosphorus Pentoxide Total: 3.5% (2% P)  Soluble in water: 1% (0.5% P)
  • Potassium Oxide Total: 7% (5.8% K)
  • Plus a range of trace elements

Pack Size:

  • 1kg

Brand Information

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