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Haxnicks Easy Poly Tunnel

Haxnicks Easy Tunnel Poly: 3m(l) x 45cm(w) x 30cm(h) will protect your plants from the worst of the weather with this mini polytunnel.

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Product Information

The Haxnicks Easy Poly Tunnel will help your plants thrive by retaining warmth and humidity when the weather is less than pleasant. This means you can start growing and harvesting earlier in the year.

As well as providing protection against frost and harsh weather, this garden sized polytunnel will also help protect against insects and other pests.

Haxnicks Easy Tunnel Poly - Key Details

  • Easy to use crop protection tunnel
  • 1 piece design - quick & easy to erect
  • Opens and closes like an accordion
  • Drawstring ends allow access & ventilation
  • Folds away neatly when not in use
  • Creates a barrier to protect crops against animals, birds, pests & diseases
  • Conserves warmth - protects against hard frosts and very harsh cold weather
  • Warms soil and stimulates quicker earlier growth
  • Retains moisture for healthier growth with less watering


  • Length: 3m / 9ft 10in
  • Width: 45cm / 1ft 6in
  • Height: 30cm / 1ft

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If you would like further information about Haxnicks Easy Poly Tunnel, please contact our garden centre at Shawbury just outside Shrewsbury in Shropshire, by calling 01939 251315 or emailing.

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