Haws Fine as Rain No 10. Flexispray Rose

#F6/10 - suitable to fit most watering cans.


This product is no longer available.

Product Information

A fine spray rose, ideal to use to water seeds and seedlings where it is crucial to avoid washout and soil erosion.

The 'Fine as Rain' range of watering can roses, has been developed to fit and transform the capabilities of most brands of watering can.

Haws Fine as Rain Flexispray Rose No 10: Key Details

  • Product code # F10/10 
  • Suitable to fit most watering cans
  • Style: flexible plastic
  • Spray type: fine
  • For use with: most watering cans
  • Most suitable for watering: seedlings and salad crops


Useful Tips: Fit spray heads with the perforated brass face uppermost to produce the finest spray; face down for heavier spray. Increase water pressure at the spray head by holding the can at a sufficiently steep angle. Avoid seedling washout and dribbling from the brass face by withdrawing the can from the spray area before it empties completely. If spray head holes block, soak in a weak solution of bleach or biodegradable kettle descaler or blow through with air.

The dual purpose brass face rose has a flexible spout to fit most watering cans. Suitable for most gentle watering jobs around the garden and in the greenhouse. The curved brass face gives an even and uniform spray of fine water droplets. The rose can be used with the rose face turned upwards to give the softest spray over a wide area or downwards to give a narrower, heavier spray.

Brand Information

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