Home Decoration

Beautiful, practical and ornamental products for the home, including candles, votives, home fragrances, paperweights, collectables and house gifts.

Pothanger Mouse
Price: £3.75
Pothanger Squirrel
Price: £3.75
Plum Blossom Spray
Price: £4.35
Parlane Berry Spray
Price: £4.95
Pothanger Hedgehog
Price: £5.75
Namecard Holder
Price: £6.75
Brown Owl Ornament
Price: £9.95
Zebra Trinket Plate
Price: £9.95
Owl Ornament (Left)
Price: £11.95
Owl Ornament (Right)
Price: £11.95
Hen Ornament
Price: £12.95
Parlane Vase Amelie
Price: £12.95
Parlane Cortez Bowl
Price: £12.95
Small Classical Urn
Price: £12.95
Small Moss Ball
Price: £12.95
Parlane 'Crete' Bowl
Price: £15.00
Desk Organiser
Price: £16.95
Classical Urn
Price: £19.95
Parlane Vase 'Crete'
Price: £22.00
Parlane Puffin
Price: £29.95
Wine Names Wall Art
Price: £39.00
Industrial Wall Rack
Price: £49.50
Large Standing Ram
Price: £75.00

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