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Westland Horticultural Sand

Size: 20kg

Ideal for a wide range of uses such as lawn care or starting off seeds & cuttings.


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Product Information

Westland Horticultural Sand is a useful product to use in the potting shed or around the garden.

Westland Horticultural Sand - Key Details

  • For easy transplanting & improving lawn drainage
  • Aids cutting establishment & aeration
  • Reduces root damage during pricking out
  • Breaks up heavy soils

Pack Size

  • 20kg bag

Many successful gardeners use horticultural sand mixed in with seeding compost to help healthy root establishment. If plant roots are healthy then the plant growth above is also healthy too.

To get 'difficult' seeds to germinate, often a gritty, sandy medium is the answer to encourage roots to grow into the compost. This can be effective also for starting off cuttings.

For lawns growing on heavy clay soil, digging horticultural sand in will break up the clay and help keep it aerated, preventing waterlogging.

Brand Information

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