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Acers also known as Maples are a group of around 120 plant species including the very popular Japanese Maple - Acer palmatum which has many cultivars.

Acers can be grown in either a suitably-sized pot or directly into the ground if the soil conditions and position suit. Mulch every two years with well-rotted garden compost or well-rotted manure.

Soil Requirement if Planting directly into the ground:

A slightly acidic, sandy loam with the addition of a good amount of organic matter, provides the optimum growing medium for most types of Acers.

Container Planting 

Use a loam-based mix such as John Innes No 2. Re-pot every 2 years - April or September are the best months to carry out re-potting. Apply a liquid feed or slow-release fertiliser early Spring and again in early Summer.

Aster Divaricatus (2 litre pot)
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