Sansevieria trifasiata laurentii 'Mother in Law's Tongue'

An easy to care for air purifying plant for the home.


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Also known as a whole host of other names eg: 'Mother in Law's Tongue' or 'Viper's Bowstring Hemp'  'Snake Plant', this stunning architectural indoor plant features variegated sword-like fleshy leaves.

A beneficial houseplant - the Mother-in-Law’s Tongue Plant is one of the top ten air purifying plants and improves the humidity level in your home or office. This amazing plant will help rid your home of the following: Formaldehyde, Xylene, Benzene, Tolune and Tricloroethylene.

Sansevieria trafasiata laurentii

  • RHS Award of Garden Merit
  • Family: Asparagaceae
  • Shallow rhizome type roots
  • 21cm diameter pot


The plant originates from the dry areas of Southern Africa and Asia where it had to survive in the hot desert climate.

Sansevieria was named after the 18th Century prince, Raimondo di Sangro from the Italian San Severo.

Caring for Sansevieria

Relatively easy to care for - keep the root ball a little bit damp in the growing season then drier in the Winter. Ensure that you don't water the leaves - only the compost around the base. To remain healthy, this plant requires a light and airy spot and can even cope with full sun. A rest period isn’t absolutely necessary.

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