Yucca elephantipes (syn. gigantea) 'Spineless Yucca'

Thrives in a sunny position and doesn't mind a little bit of neglect! Perfect for the home or office.

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Yucca elephantipes is usually grown as a potted houseplant in the UK, however it can be placed outdoors during the warmer summer months.

Yucca elephantipes 'Spineless Yucca' 

  • Suitable for a warm, sunny & well lit position
  • The perfect plant for a conservatory
  • Water regularly over the summer months - less over winter
  • Let the plant dry out before watering
  • Apply a liquid plant feed every 4 weeks during the summer April-September
  • If you need to re-pot - use a free draining compost such as Westland John Innes No 1 or Westland Indoor Plant Compost

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