Picture of Windrush Planters

Windrush Planters

Classic terracotta bell pots for outdoor use.

Product Information

Windrush Planters/Terracotta Pots

  • Hand made terracotta garden pots

Range of sizes subject to availability 

(measurements are. subject to slight variation) 

  • Size 4 Dia:23cm x Ht:16cm 
  • Size 3 Dia:30cm x Ht:20cm 
  • Size 2 Dia:40cm x Ht:23cm
  • Size 1 Dia:52cm x Ht:31cm

Individual Product Data

Windrush TERRACOTTA POT Size 4/Dia:23cm x Ht:16cm approx

  • Our Ref: SGC-19024
  • EAN: 5020189794410
  • 20 in stock (Available Now)

Windrush TERRACOTTA POT Size 3/Dia:30cm x Ht:20cm approx

  • Our Ref: SGC-19026
  • EAN: 5020189794403
  • 19 in stock (Available Now)

Windrush TERRACOTTA POT Size 2/Dia:40cm x Ht:23cm approx

  • Our Ref: SGC-19025
  • EAN: 5020189794397
  • 15 in stock (Available Now)

Windrush TERRACOTTA POT Size 1/Dia:52cm x Ht:31cm approx

  • Our Ref: SGC-21913
  • EAN: 5020189794380
  • 17 in stock (Available Now)

Delivery Information

Additional Information

If you would like further information about Windrush Planters, please contact our garden centre at Shawbury just outside Shrewsbury in Shropshire, by calling 01939 251315 or emailing.

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