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Picture of Unwins 'Mung Bean' Sprouting Seeds

Unwins 'Mung Bean' Sprouting Seeds

Size: 600 seeds approx

Crisp and juicy and quick to crop.


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Product Information

Mung Beans are ideal to grow on windowsills, producing crisp and juicy beansprouts, ideal for healthy stir-fries and other oriental dishes.

Quick to crop, beansprouts can be used fresh in salads and sandwiches within a few days of sowing!

Unwins Sprouting Mung Bean Sprouting Seeds - Key Details

  • Sprouting seeds can be grown successfully on any warm light windowsill which is not in full sun all day
  • Place two thoroughly wet layers of absorbent growing medium such as kitchen roll into a shallow dish or tray
  • Sow the seed fairly thickly over the wet growing medium
  • Place the dish in a warm light airy position
  • Maintain a temperature of around 15°C (60°F)
  • Keep the sowing moist but not saturated
  • Depending on conditions - the young seedlings should be ready for harvesting with a pair of scissors five to ten days after sowing
  • Harvest the shoots when they are about 2cm (1in) long just as the green leaves begin to appear
  • Rinse the shoots and use immediately

Pack Size

  • 600 seeds approx

Brand Information

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