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Unwins Kerr's Pink Seed Potatoes

Size: 2kgs

High yielding main crop variety.


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Product Information

Popular, high yielding, all rounder.

Unwins Kerr's Pink Seed Potatoes

  • Suitable for boiling, mashing, baking, roasting and chipping
  • Good blight resistance
  • Good long term storage ability
  • Order to collect in store or delivery available to most UK addresses

'Chitting' Seed Potatoes

(this is done to bring forward the harvest date if required but is not essential)

  • Set out tubers on egg boxes or in wooden trays with the 'eyes' uppermost
  • Keep in a light, frost-free room 
  • 'Chits' or 'Shoots' will begin to grow
  • Chits or Shoots should be about ½-1 inches before planting
Planting Seed Potatoes
  • Plant first early chitted tubers 12 inches apart in rows
  • There should be approximately 24 inches between rows
  • Cover seed potatoes with compost or soil
Crop Care
  • When shoots emerge protect from frost by 'earthing-up' 
  • Earthing up will also protect tubers from light which turns them green
  • Water regularly with particular attention when tubers begin to form
  • Harvest early potatoes when flowers are fully open

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