Unwins Maris Bard Seed Potatoes

Size: 2kgs

A first early variety, suitable for sowing from February.


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Product Information

For the earliest new potatoes, Maris Bard is a traditional and popular first early variety seed, producing heavy crops of oval, smooth skinned, white fleshed tubers.

Maris Bard are traditionally the very first potatoes of the year, maturing in as little as 7 weeks from planting under favourable conditions.

Unwin's Maris Bard Seed Potatoes - Key Details

  • Very early first early variety
  • Sow from February - April
  • Harvest time: May to June or earlier in southern regions
  • Can be boiled, steamed, mashed, sautèd
  • Collect in store or delivery available to most UK addresses
  • Pack size: 2kgs

'Chitting' Seed Potatoes

(This can be done to bring your potato crop harvest forward, however it is not essential)

  • Cover a tray with a thin layer of dry compost
  • Place tubers with eyes facing upwards
  • Keep in a light but not sunny frost free position
  • When 'chits' are approximately ½-1 in/25mm they are ready to be planted out
Planting & Caring for Potato Crops
  • Draw up earth around the green growth as it emerges to protect from frost
  • Earth-up and keep weed free as haulm (larger size stems) develop
  • Ensure that crop is adequately watered during dry spells with particular attention when tubers begin to form

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