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Gardman Multi Nest Box

Recommended by the BTO (British Trust for Ornithology).


This product is no longer available.

Product Information

Gardman Multi Nest Box is a versatile wooden bird box with interchangable front.

Gardman Multi Nest Box

  • Easy to clean
  • Base slides out for easy cleaning
  • For Robins - use open front
  • For Blue Tits, Tree Sparrows and Pied Flycatchers - use 28mm hole option
  • For Great Tits and larger species such as House Sparrows use 32mm hold option

Where to site:

  • Shelter from wind, rain and direct sunlight
  • The front of the nest box should be angled slightly downwards to prevent rain from entering
  • When fitting, use galvanised or stainless screws / nails that will not rust
  • If fixing to trees use galvanised wire to tie the box to the trunk or hang it from a branch. Regularly inspect the fittings
  • Make sure cats and squirrels cannot get into the box
  • Install it high up (at least 3 metres) on a wall

Brand Information

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