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Peckish Energy Balls / Fat Balls

Size: 50 pack

Suitable for feeding garden birds all year round.


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Product Information

Packed with seeds, these nutritious Energy Balls are a popular treat for all species of birds.

Peckish® Energy Balls

  • Enriched with added Calvita® essential nutrients
  • Use all year round
Peckish and Calvita
Essential Nutrients for Birds
Making sure garden birds are getting the right nutrients and vitamins is vital for their development. Unique to Peckish is Calvita, a specially developed supplement that gives birds the very best nutrients helping to provide them with essential energy.

It’s critical for wild birds to have high levels of energy for flight and Peckish wild bird seed (garden bird food) delivers exactly that.

In addition to increased energy levels, Calvita helps wild garden birds in several other key areas. Here are just three examples:

To Supplement Wild Food

Birds are incredibly active, spending up to 98% of daylight hours foraging and searching for food. If natural food sources are low, wild birds can suffer from protein deficiency making them very weak. Peckish's range of wild bird food, together with Calvita supplements, help to keep wild birds bones strong and energy levels high.

Calcium for Eggs and Bones

It’s important that wild birds receive the right amount of calcium in order for them to stay strong and have healthy bones, but also in order to produce healthy eggs. A bird’s egg shells are made entirely from calcium and should the calcium levels be insufficient it can have a direct result on their population. Wild bird seed, together with Calvita supplements, makes sure they receive the necessary calcium.

Essential Vitamins

Calvita helps make sure that birds receive the nutrients and vitamins essential for feather development, beak, bones and the nervous system.

All of the Peckish feeds for wild garden birds which contain Calcium help to ensure the wild birds in your garden stay healthy, meaning you’ll be able to watch them grow and enjoy feeding them even more.

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