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Peckish Sunflower Hearts

Peckish husk-free / no mess Sunflower Hearts are bursting with energy and full of goodness. Available in 1kg, 2kg & 12.75kg pack sizes.

Product Information

Peckish Sunflower Hearts will attract smaller, more colourful birds to your garden.

Crammed with energy and essential oils, Sunflower Hearts are the highest energy bird food.

Sunflower Hearts are the ultimate bird food. With the husks removed these seed hearts take away all the effort for garden birds, saving them time and energy. Sunflower Hearts are loved by a variety of garden birds.

Peckish® Sunflower Hearts - Key Details

  • Rich in energy, essential oils and nutrients
  • Husks removed to save birds time and energy
  • Loved by a variety of garden birds 
  • Suitable for bird feeders, bird tables and ground feeder trays

Pack Sizes Available:

  • Peckish® Sunflower Hearts: 1kg (RRP £4.99) - Our Price: £3.99
  • Peckish® Sunflower Hearts: 2kg (RRP £9.99) - Our Price: £7.99
  • Peckish® Sunflower Hearts: 12.75kg (RRP £39.99) - Our Price: £29.99

Individual Product Data

Sunflower Hearts 1kg

  • Our Ref: SGC-24
  • EAN: 5060235441950
  • Maker‘s Product Ref: 60051101
  • Out of Stock

Sunflower Hearts 2kg

  • Our Ref: SGC-25
  • EAN: 5060235441967
  • Maker‘s Product Ref: 60051102
  • 14 in stock (Available Now)

Sunflower Hearts 12.75kg

  • Our Ref: SGC-952
  • EAN: 5060235441974
  • Maker‘s Product Ref: 60051104
  • Out of Stock

Brand Information

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